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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to come in and experience what it’s like to train here at Enerje. So, we’ve developed two options for new members to come in and try out any class of their choice.

Existing Members

Once you have taken classes with us, you will be presented with several different options for continuing on your fitness journey with us. All of these packages can be selected directly in Enerje’s mobile app.

Group Classes

Visits to all cardiovascular and strength-training classes, group fitness, and special training events are included in the core membership options. Whether you elect for a class-package option or the unlimited class option, you always have control of when you work out and which classes you want to attend each week.

One-on-One Training

Personal training is available from our trainers. The private sessions are available to both group class members and non-members. It is a matter of preference if you prefer the 1:1 personal training relationship. Contact us with the form at the end of this page to discuss your goals, schedule and options further.

Classes & programs

Tri Me Baby

This class uses a series of trisets to give you the ultimate total body workout. A triset is three different exercises performed one after the other, without any rest in between for the ultimate calorie burn! You will work through trisets for upper body, lower body and core, with cardio blast in between. You'll want to make TRI ME BABY part of your weekly routine!

Lift Things Up

A 45-minute circuit style class focusing on upper body toning and tightening your core. Suitable for all fitness levels. Trainers will help if you are new to class.

It's Leg Day

This 45-minute circuit class focuses on tightening, toning and strengthening your legs and glutes. You will use a variety of equipment as well as your own body weight to work through the exercises laid our by your trainer. You will love the way you feel when you devote a session to focus on your lower body!

Full Body FuSion

A full body workout focusing on upper and lower body strength fused with muscular endurance and conditioning to give you a complete balanced burner!

Zen Fit

Zen fit is a unique class experience. You will work through a warm up, a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) total body workout, and finish with deep relaxation and deep breathing. The perfect balance of Zen & Fit!

Body Sculpt Bootcamp

A total body bootcamp workout to bring you a dynamic combination of strength and conditioning.
This class hits every muscle in your body using both body weight and equipment bases exercises to help sculpt that body!

GLute Camp

With all the focus on your glorious glutes, this class aims to please! Beginning with a lower body warm up and transitioning into a 20 minute glute "AMRAP" (As Many Rounds As Possible) and finishing with a body weight burnout. Your booty will thank you!

Full On Fit

A full body circuit class using various free weights and your own body weight. This class will leave you sweating and satisfied! Working upper body, lower body and abdominal muscles for total body toning and strengthening.

"HIIT" The Deck

HIIT the Deck is a fun, fast paced, full body workout utilizing a deck of cards. Each suit is a different exercise (lower body, upper body, cardio, and abs) with the reps corresponding to the numbers on the cards. You will always know which muscles you targeted when you wake up the next morning!

Booty & Bands

Tighten and tone that booty like a PRO! Let Coach Jen kick your booty and hand it back to you looking better than ever. This class uses a variety of lower body exercises to target the glutes and resistance bands to really turn up the burn!



"Enerje is more then just a gym! It’s a community ! Every instructor/ personal trainer is amazing and truly cares about the clients and their progress! I couldn’t ask for a better gym family!"

Mia Lipsky-Kimball

"What a great spot. A nice relaxing outside area and the trainers are top notch!"

Scott Morrison

"Enerje has been my saving grace in more ways than one. Kayla has been my personal trainer for years and essential to my growth as a person as well as physically of course! Eddie creates a welcoming environment for each and every client and truly has a passion for fitness and I’m lucky enough to be able to see both sides as an instructor and a client of Enerje!"

Jennifer O'Haire


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