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We are Virtual!

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we decided it was best to temporarily shut down in-person classes at Enerje Fitness. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to stay active and participate in classes!

We are now hosting daily virtual classes. You can see the listing on our Classes page and join. In addition, we have a private Facebook community for our members to join as well.

This is only temporary. In tough times we have to make hard decisions to better everyone in the long run. Thank you all for supporting and understanding. We really appreciate everyone and can’t wait to get back ASAP! In the meantime, we will see you on Zoom!

Featured Programs

We believe that fitness should be a way of life, so it should also be something you have fun with.

There are three ways that Enerje can fit into your fitness journey.


Personal Training

For one-on-one or small private group sessions, we offer personal training at Enerje. You set the schedule, we set your program. Training begins with an assessment of what you would like to accomplish, then we determine a path for you.

Group Classes

Small group training sessions are what Enerje is built upon. We keep a close community, so you will quickly get to know everyone in the group classes and meet others that make fitness a way of life. And, with the variety of classes we offer, you’re guaranteed to find one you love.

Online Coaching

If you want to go to the gym on your own but want an expert’s guidance, online coaching may be a fit for you. These programs incorporate a detailed assessment, personalized programming, and regular meetings with your dedicated training coach. Clients have found this helpful whether looking to lose weight, boost their max lifts, or to get ready for a special event (or for just being more confident when at the beach or pool).




"Enerje is more then just a gym! It’s a community ! Every instructor/ personal trainer is amazing and truly cares about the clients and their progress! I couldn’t ask for a better gym family!"

Mia Lipsky-Kimball

"What a great spot. A nice relaxing outside area and the trainers are top notch!"

Scott Morrison

"Enerje has been my saving grace in more ways than one. Kayla has been my personal trainer for years and essential to my growth as a person as well as physically of course! Eddie creates a welcoming environment for each and every client and truly has a passion for fitness and I’m lucky enough to be able to see both sides as an instructor and a client of Enerje!"

Jennifer O'Haire


Group Fitness Classes


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Booking Your Class

All classes are available for you to register to through the Enerje MindBody app. You can go into the app at any time to reserve your space so you never have to worry about missing your favorite classes.

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