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Home For The Holidays

Developed By Eddie Fleury

30 Days Of Fitness

The Heavy Metal Muscle Co.

Home for the Holidays: 30 Day Home Workout by Eddie Fleury

In these weird times, we continue to adapt to survive and grow. Still, at-home fitness has been challenging.

This routine is designed to need zero equipment and very little space to be successful.

Fitness Routine

Lose Weight

Build Muscle

Get Stronger

Get Into A Routine

Commit To Yourself

Be An Action-Taker

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A Dollar A Day Gives You A Clear Routine To Follow To Achieve Your Goals Consistently With Expert-Designed Upper- & Lower-Body Days



Holiday Fitness ROutine.

In these weird times, fitness is more popular than ever!
We have adapted as a society from commercial gyms to at-home workouts.
Of course, finding equipment can be difficult. So can finding enough room.

This fitness plan was designed with both of those things in mind!

This is a 30-day routine following a three-day on, one-day off concept. This rotates through upper and lower body to work on strength and build muscle, as well as conditioning days to air in fat loss!

Most of these workouts can be done with bodyweight or household items, such as soup cans and water bottles, but small dumbbells weighing 5-20 lbs. would be ideal. Still, you can do it with no equipment and minimal space.

Sample Routines

Throughout the thirty days, you’re provided with a specific sequence of exercises that hit your upper and lower body, allowing for both adequate rest and strain to each necessary to transform your body.

Below are previews of the daily guide you will gain full access to.



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